Anbu niruvanam is your friendly neighborhood printing shop. we do print all kind of invitations, notice for any kind of occasion. With the grace from God and people we are successfully running this shop since 1973. Yes almost 50years  which translates as greater reputation and off-the-roof service.   

Anbu Niruvanam School needs supplies registers, forms with great quality to schools and book stores. Because we follow rules and regulations of school legislation, we have our special beloved customers since 1973. Good quality paper, strong cardboard and tight stitch binding results in long life registers with good handling.  Quality control teams pays a keen attention to details on all these things makes our product stand out in crowd. Beginning elementary to high school we supply question papers from 5th to 8th grade for I midterm, II midterm, III midterm, quarterly, half yearly and annual examinations. 

Everyone prefers Anbu niruvanam because we define the quality and standard over our question papers flawlessly. We do have a branch in dharmapuri city near SBI town branch for teacher’s convince. Anbu niruvanam has a tie up book stores in your own town another place to reach for school needs, and successfully doing business in several districts with zero intervention. Please do not hesitate to reach us for direct supply through courier or we do a drop off once in awhile as special delivery with a pre request. 

எங்களைத் தொடர்புகொள்ளவும்


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  • 04346 265 452
  • 094434 41960


வழிகளைப் பெறு
3/6A karupanna gounder street, kadathur
Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu 635303

வணிக நேரம்

திங்.:முற்பகல் 9:30 – பிற்பகல் 6:30
புத.:முற்பகல் 9:30 – பிற்பகல் 6:30
வியா.:முற்பகல் 9:30 – பிற்பகல் 6:30
வெள்.:முற்பகல் 9:30 – பிற்பகல் 6:30
சனி:முற்பகல் 9:30 – பிற்பகல் 6:30
ஞாயி.:முற்பகல் 9:30 – பிற்பகல் 6:30
கட்டண விவரத்தைப் பெறுக
செய்தி அனுப்பப்பட்டது. உங்களை விரைவில் மீண்டும் தொடர்புகொள்வோம்.